Distributing your application

Currently, if you want to run your program you need to have access to a computer that has both Python and PyQt installed. If you were to distribute your source code to other people you would need to provide them with the instructions necessary to download and install Python and PyQt before they could run your program. Needless to say this isn't ideal and many people would not be willing to install all of this extra software just to run your program. Thankfully, there is a way to distribute your software in such a way that this is unnecessary.

We can use a utility called cx_Freeze to build self-contained applications that can be run even if Python and PyQt are not installed.

The process of building these applications is different depending on whether you are using Mac OS X or Windows.

Once you have your self-contained application it should run on any Mac or PC (different applications for each platform) without the user having to install Python or PyQt.