Current Orders

In this final section you will create a script which will display the most recent 10 orders that Pizza Kitchen has received. The current order page should look similar to the diagram below:

Customer Order Form


This task is more difficult than it looks, mainly due the the structure of the HTML. You should plan out the structure of the HTML table before you start coding as doing so will help get a better understand of what is required. In addition, you may need to investigate how to limit the results of an SQL SELECT query.

Task 15

Complete the Pizza Kitchen extended task by producing the display current orders page.

Final Thoughts

In this section you have been investigating server-side scripting in Python. You have discovered how to:

  • Pass information from a HTML form to a script for processing
  • Interact with a database through scripting
  • Dynamically generate content for a HTML page

Whilst all of the tasks in this section have been relatively simple you have practiced most of the skills necessary to construct your own dynamic web pages.

Time to get started...