Customer Order Form

The database should now contain some example pizzas and sizes and you should have a few sets of customer details now. It is time to create the customer order form and get ordering those pizzas!

There are five parts to the order form:

  1. A form to indication how many pizzas they wish to order
  2. A form where they can indicate what type of pizzas they wish to order
  3. A confirmation page that summarises the order and allows for entry of customer number and delivery date/time
  4. A order confirmation page, with delivery details
  5. A final "thank you" page with the order number displayed

Customer Order Form


This task is more difficult than the forms you have created in parts two and three. You will have to pass and keep track of data across many forms. To make things easier it may be helpful to know that you can create form text boxes to store information temporarily on one form which can then be posted to the next script.

The video below demonstrates how to keep track of data between three forms:

Task 14

Use all of the above information to create the customer order form for Pizza Kitchen.